Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Thoughts by Kristina...

- Spring fever in January is OK in my opinion

- I need a creative outlet, or else I lose steam

- Is it a good thing that I don't drink diet soda daily anymore (even if I replaced it with an entire French press of coffee)?

- I'm proud to be the youngest Rotarian I know of

- Washing your hair daily is overrated

- I hope that old saying, "Three times a bridesmaid never a bride", isn't true since I was recently asked to be in my 5th wedding!

- Everything old is new again, hence the excitement at letters in the mail, cloth diapers, old school fashion (don't get me started here, and music on vinyl

- Dance Dance Revolution IS a viable workout (if done for over an hour)

- Sometimes when I see real headlines, I imagine what they would say on The Onion

- I LOVE lists and I can make a list of why :)


Lucy said...

I love you. Can we be roomies again?

K-Bird said...

Lucy!! Aww I miss my roomy :) Do you have a blog too?