Thursday, January 21, 2010

Who are these mall walkers and what do they want?

Well here I am. I love writing. It's neck in neck with shopping, to win the title of "Best Therapy for Kristina". I haven't REALLY been shopping and splurged in quite a few months. Until yesterday. I went to Target and blew about $75 and then to the mall($40). If it hadn't been for a dead cell phone, I'm afraid I would have kept on shopping till I was out of money.

I arrived at the mall yesterday morning before 9AM. I thought I couldn't get in yet, but I noticed one entrance had many cars parked by it. I went in and realized everything was closed but the mall was abuzz with walkers. Fast, slow, middle aged, elderly, female, male, black, white, solo walkers, and pairs. The walkers were quite fun to watch.

I eventually decided I would join them. I got some funny stares during my power walking laps. I initially thought it was because I was so much younger than everyone else there. I soon realized it was because I was wearing my friend Lauren's pajama pants, I had no make up on, my hair was a mess, and my eyes were as red as an albino rabbit. I didn't really care though. I noticed the walkers just draped their jackets over the railings and they trust each other enough to just leave them, it is the thing to do. They have their own culture, these mall walkers.

All in all, it was just interesting to be apart of a subculture that I have never seen before. I think I could study different subcultures for a career. I would love it if I could report on a new one at least once a week. Hmmm I'll continue to update...

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