Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Something I found in my computer from a year and a half ago...

When studying in Europe, it’s OK to…

Stumble when the bus slams on the breaks
Compare everything by saying, “Well in America…”
Not speak when you hear Americans, and pretend like you’re a local
Choose sightseeing over studying
Eat at McDonald's (just don’t make it a habit)
Complain about the lack of ice, everywhere!
Never get over the bad exchange rate and complain about it from time to time
Bring peanut butter with you
Bring your own toiletries. Abroad they’re half as big and twice as expensive
Fall in a hole, due to missing cobblestone at the Vatican
Crave all the food you can only get at home
Wear clothes you would never wear at home
Climb all 700 steps of the Eiffel Tower
Get winded going up the Spanish Steps even if the locals don’t
Pretend your Audrey Hepburn, when eating Gelato on the Spanish Steps
Think about scenes from Gladiator while at the Coliseum
Close your eyes while riding in a cab, because the driving is so scary
Dance a traditional Irish jig with a random person
Order a cafĂ© Americano, even if you’re laughed at