Thursday, January 28, 2010

This might be vanity but...

So, as my childhood friends and some of my current friends know, I will believe almost anything. Now this is not to say that I am easily swayed about my core belief system, but I'm gullible and I will try most advice I read. Growing up, the thing to tease me about was my famous quote, "Well I read in a magazine that...". OK, I'm sorry that I like to get tips from magazines. Is that so wrong? All of this to say, I STILL love to get tips from magazines. Here one such helpful hint that is Kristina tested, Kristina approved.

Lately I noticed a rather concerning, deep line across my forehead. What?! I'm 24, I am not supposed to have that yet. I read about it, and supposedly it is the mark of very outgoing and expressive people. Why do these animated people get punished? Sometimes when I am telling an intense story, I realize I am putting a lot of pressure there. Any strong emotion puts pressure there. I read about a solution, and it works!

SOLUTION:Take the crystal clear scotch tape (the crystal clear sticks better than regular) and press one end under the line. Next, smooth out the line underneath and press the other end of the tape down. This is not for public viewing! Do this before bed. The article I read said you could see a difference after two weeks. I saw a huge difference in one night!

This can most likely work for any fine lines you might have. I am only saying forehead because that is the only place I have one (so far). Anyway, I'll probably write more useful articles I find and test in the future. Hope this was helpful!

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