Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crazy Dreams...

Last night I had some very vivid dreams. I also woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm went off. I always take that to mean that I need to pay attention to the dream.

The dream began with a bunch of people around my age sleeping in a high school gym. Some of them I recognized. I do not know why we were there.

Next, I was in a house that a few girls I knew from college shared. Two of the girls are my good friends (Margaret and Lucy) the third was not someone I know well. It was complete chaos in there, and messy. There were so many people in the room. For some reason I tried to put my hairspray in the microwave.

After that I was in a house, upstairs, looking out the window. I heard a man yelling and he ran outside. There was a truck parked outside that had a plastic container in the back. It was being filled with water. The problem was that once it was filled, no one remembered to turn it off, so it was damaging the truck somehow. The angry man, saw another man outside and yelled at him and said it was his fault. He then picked up the truck, and body slammed the other man. They wrestled, with the truck between them somehow.

After this, I was down near where the truck and men were but it was empty. What was there were opened suitcases, with belongings strewn about. I somehow inferred they belonged to the young people from the gym. I got down to floor level and it was as if I was looking under my bed. I touched the things under the bed and they were soaked and damaged.

Skip to being inside a townhouse that belonged to my parents. I overhear my dad and brother talking, and my brother was the guy who was attacked. He was not upset and did not even have a scratch. He said "I don't know why he is trying to blame me. It isn't my truck. He lives on our street, he is strange". Then I looked out our front window and saw soldiers sleeping for as far as I could see. It looked almost like a movie. It was dawn, and the smoke from the campfire was still rising and they were hardly making a sound. I saw a storm coming in the sky.

Lastly, there was a knock at the door and it was Lauren. She asked if I was ready to go. I told her I had to go change clothes. Everything I did was in slow motion, even though I wanted to leave really badly. I had a white skirt on with black spots and I couldn't find anything to match it. I would ask my mom and Lauren and if one liked an outfit the other did not. Finally, I changed the skirt as well. We left, even though I still wasn't ready.

So weird huh? I've been trying to think about what this means all morning!

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