Sunday, January 24, 2010

"I'm sooooo tired..."

I'm awake at 2:57AM. That is never good. My mind does not want to stop processing. I think sad thoughts, mean thoughts, and a few happy and peaceful thoughts. I know this blog is just all over the place, and I've asked a few of you what I could narrow it down to, but it's still undecided.

I think I'm delirious, I don't even know what I'm saying right now. Can I say that The Beatles have a song for every feeling though? Because they do. Hence my title. On another note, I did something mean today and I feel bad about it. Sometimes when I get hurt, I can make some pretty rash decisions. I'm a very emotional person who sometimes goes to the extreme of any emotion. Even if someone deserves only the very worst, does not mean that I need to be the one to administer "The Worst" to them. That would only make me the lowest of the low. So sorry to those of you who thought I was nicer than that. Hey we're all human, does anything ever REALLY surprise you?

I think I will try to make this a short post, because my eyes are starting to burn. I can get pretty bad bags under my eyes from no sleep, and there's no need to bring luggage to church tomorrow morning. Sweet slumbers :)

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