Monday, November 09, 2009


Well, yesterday was my 24Th birthday. If I would have asked 18 year old me what I would be doing when I was 24, I am pretty sure I would have said something completely different from the reality I am living right now. I would have said that I would definitely not be living at home, I would have a fabulous job that I love, and that I might even be married. Five years ago there were some things I didn't know. I didn't know I would start college a year late because of a missions program after high school, I didn't know the economy would plummet, and most importantly I didn't know that 24 IS NOT OLD.

In the circles that I ran in at 18, if you reached 24 and weren't married, and pregnant, it was unusual. I can not imagine getting married that young, especially when thinking about how much I have matured even in the past 2 years.

Although I sometimes need my space at home, I do not mind living at home. There are some perks. Can you say FREE with me?! So if you are at home like myself, take my advice and ENJOY. Enjoy free laundry, free food, and no rent or other utility payments. Most of all, enjoy the time you can spend with your family. You will never get that time back. Life with more responsibilities will also be extremely rewarding I know. It will happen soon enough though, and I want to enjoy every step along the way.

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Carl said...

I'm glad you didn't get married early too! And hate to break it to you, but 24 is pretty old :D