Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Make Part of Everyday Like a Day Off

Lets compare personality types to animals for a second. There is a lion that ends up being the boss anywhere they go. They are forceful and can sometimes be a little harsh. There is a golden retriever who is extremely kind. They are easy to get along with, they go with the flow and they are laid back. Sometimes their feelings are easily hurt. There is a beaver. They work very hard and meticulously. They are more business than personable. Then there is the otter. They spin and twirl and play. They love to be near other otters and if you are looking at them at the zoo, they come right up to the glass and perform for you. Figured out which one you are yet? I am an otter myself.

Recently I entered the work world full time, and needless to say it was a shock to my little otter system. I have found that it is vital to my disposition that I make part of everyday like a day off. I am talking about simple little joys like reading a book that helps you escape reality, creative writing, baking something special, or whatever it is you enjoy doing. Or, you could use your efforts to make someone ELSE happy. You'll be surprised at how happy it will make you, and it's a longer lasting kind of happiness.

I am a person that likes to do exciting things as often as possible. This is a blessing and a curse. The upside is that I have a lot of fun and can often times be extremely happy. The downside is that I get bored easily, I am often restless, and others find it exhausting at times. This combination of extremes leads to the sanguine roller coaster of emotions that is my life. If you have the same issue as me, I suggest surrounding yourself with people who can bring you back to reality. Two very wise people in my life have recently reminded me of a simple truth: Life is not always exciting, and it is often monotonous. You CAN be happy with monotony I promise!

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