Tuesday, November 17, 2009


One of my close friends is getting married in about a month. Last Saturday night at her bridesmaids dinner, scrapbook messages that we wrote for her were read aloud by the person who wrote them. When her aunt read her entry, I could hardly hold myself together. She wrote about my friends grandma, and what she might say if she were alive.

My friend and I have had many talks about our grandmothers. They were so similar in their sweet demeanor, and flashy style. Also, both of them were named Betty. We found it funny that we shared our grandmothers flashy taste, and our mothers didn't at all. We both lost our Betty's too early, but they inspire us all of the time.

I don't think about grandma for long periods at a time because it always makes me cry uncontrollably. I think of how sweet she was and the way she talked to me and spent time with me. We used to build pyramids out of plastic milk lids, and castle towers out of oatmeal containers. We would make Christmas ornaments for everyone, out of pine cones covered in glitter and communion cups fashioned into bells.

When I got a little older, she would always say how beautiful I was. When I was dressed up for a special occasion, she would gasp and say I looked like a movie star. Grandma would marvel at my curly hair and long eyelashes on a regular basis. She may have been exaggerating, but I never felt that she was.

I'm fighting back tears as I write this, thinking of her selfless attitude and cheerful outlook on life. Also, because she deserved to be treated better than she was treated at times. She wasn't perfect, but I aspire to be like my grandma in many ways. I want to be as cheerful, giving, and as full of life as she was. Sometimes I get wrapped up in things that really don't matter, and sadly, in myself. She focused on making other people happy instead of herself, and that is heroic in my opinion.


Paul and Deedra said...


Absolutely love this post! My sister and I just had a cry about my Grandma the other day. I remember her so much as you describe your Grandma. She was a lady and giving and loved her highheels and matching purses. I hope I, too, can be more and more like her.

K-Bird said...

Aww thanks Deedra. Your grandma was a wonderful woman of God, but also of grace and style! They were both definitely great examples for us.