Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Times are a Changin...

We've been a pretty boring group for about 1o years now. When you have all grown ups in a family, the excitement of Christmas morning somewhat wanes. You see no point in an Easter egg hunt. Luckily, something in humans allows us to live vicariously through others and be excited for them. When there is a child in the family, for instance, things can become much more fun again. Watching their eyes light up triggers those childhood feelings of excitement about things we now take for granted.

Well things are about to be shaken up in the Brase family (or the Brave family as my mom likes to call us, but that's a whole other post). This isn't on Facebook yet. I'm telling my dedicated readers first, so listen up both of you :) This fall I will be Aunt Kristina!!!!!!!!!! Woo hoo! That's all I've got :)


Carl said...

That's pretty sweet.

Here's a tip: make sure you're around him or her as much as possible when they're young cause it goes by fast. I saw a picture of Meg the other day (this one and was amazed at how fast she has grown, even though she is still pretty young.

Anyway, congratulate Tara for me :)

carina said...

I want to see more posts from you!