Thursday, February 04, 2010

Information Sponge

Most of my life I have never enjoyed reading. I think the main reason was that I hated sitting still. I would read a few pages and either have to get up and do something or I fell asleep. If you read my first few posts you already know this. If you were wondering, I'm STILL trying to work my way through Julie and Julia. Yes, I am that slow of a reader. I do have a good excuse now though. Right now I'm reading like I have never read before. I'm like a sponge, soaking up information. I'm currently reading about 6 books off and on. This probably drives some of you crazy and you're thinking, "How can she be reading all of those at once? Just finish one then move on to the next!" Hoho, no no my friend, if I did that I would lose interest quickly. It's the variety that keeps me reading.

I basically only read informational books. I'm not really a fan of fiction. Right now I'm working on:

Julie and Julia (since November!)
Captivating (again)
Wild at Heart (again)
The Complete Book of Running (I promise I'll give it back!)
The Beginners Guide to Intercessory Prayer
The Bible (does that count?)

Well these are all very interesting and keep me coming back. Hopefully I can finish them soon, so the pile on my nightstand shrinks a little!

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K-Bird said...

Oh no! Just realized they took my Bird picture away. :( Well, looks like I need to find a new one.