Saturday, March 13, 2010

St. Patty's Run

Well, I finished the race in 50 minutes on the nose. I normally run 10 minute miles and it was a 5 mile race. I thought I might go a little slower since it was more mileage than I'm used to, but the crowd sort of carried me along. There were 11,000 of us! Looking at all of the people was quite entertaining. Some were dressed in the most hilarious costumes. Here are some highlights from the race.

-Best costumes: Bride and Groom with cans tied to their ankles and a Still Just Married sign on their backs

-Most defeating moment: 40 year old man pushing a stroller passes me as though I'm walking

-Most inspiring moment: Seeing a woman in her 70's running in full costume :)

-Best feeling: Hitting the 3 mile mark and feeling a burst of energy

I almost brought my I-pod, but since I had never been in a race I thought I should experience all of the sights AND sounds. I'm actually very glad I made that decision because I overheard some amazing conversations during my run.

-"Well she didn't tell me he had one arm until later. She just said 'I met this guy from Mizzou and he had a tattoo on his arm'"

-"I love being around all these super athletic people, it turns me on you know?"

-"Cheating is just in a person's personality, it doesn't happen on accident. How long were you with her?"

-"I can't wait until Boston, are you ready?"

Well I'm hurting a little now, but I've never felt better. I'm hooked for life!


Carl said...

Good job!

Glad you had fun

Carl said...

If you ever need some inspiration, this is an amazing story: